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  • Theo Wolters suggests that all IR energy absorbed by greenhouse molecules will be eradiated to all directions and reabsorbed again by greenhouse molecules. From Dick Thoenes I learned, and from words by Noor van Andel I understood, that all absorbed IR-energy will be transferred, almost immediately, to N2 and O2 molecules,to be released in the end, like all other kinetic energy, contained in these molecules.

    To have a concentrated force against climate alarmists, I believe this detail should be resolved as soon as possible.

  • This effect is not in contradiction with the Fireworks theory.

    My theory is based on the equilibrium situation, when all energy flow is constant and all molecules are locally at the same temperature.
    The O2 and N2 molecules are considered to be inactive in the radiation field (although new information from Germany, reveiled by Willie Soon, suggests otherwise:
    With inactive N2 and O2 the Fireworks equasion for radiation remains intact. (As was confirmed by Dr Van Andel, by the way.)

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